Family Law

Our firm provides legal representation in family law matters with a personal commitment to understanding the unique legal and emotional issues raised in such sensitive cases.

We provide advice and representation with regard to premarital agreements, as well as agreements entered during a marriage that identify each spouse’s rights and responsibilities. When a marriage dissolves, we provide representation regarding various issues including equitable distribution of marital property, spousal support, child support, child custody and the effect of marital agreements. We have experience in representing clients in complex equitable distribution cases, as well as spousal and child support matters involving difficult financial issues.

Our representation includes negotiation and mediation in an attempt to avoid the financial and emotional toll of protracted litigation. In the event that the parties cannot reach an agreement through mediation or otherwise, our experienced trial attorneys prepare and present the issues for trial in court.




Please feel free to contact Joy Gragg McIver to assist you with your Family Law needs.

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